Improvements of the overall sustainability of process industries from an economic, environmental and social point of view require the adoption of a new industrial symbiosis paradigm - the human-mimetic symbiosis - where critical resources (materials, energy, waste and by-products) are coordinated among multiple autonomous Production Units organized in industrial clusters. 
SYMBIOPTIMA will improve European process industry efficiency levels by: (a) developing a cross-sectorial energy & resource management platform for intra- and inter-cluster streams, characterized by a holistic model for the definition, lifecycle assessment and business management of a human-mimetic symbiotic cluster. The platform multi-layer architecture integrates process optimization and demand response strategies for the synergetic optimization of energy and resources within the sectors and across value chains. (b) Developing extensive, multi-disciplinary, modular and “plug&play” monitoring and elaboration of all relevant information flows of the symbiotic cluster. (c) Integrating all thermal energy sources, flows and sinks of the cluster into a systemic unified vision, as nodes of smart thermal energy grid. (d) Taking into account disruptive increase of cross-sectorial re-use for particularly impacting waste streams, proposing advanced WASTE2RESOURCE initiatives for PET.
In the frame of this project, KIT is responsible for the design of an energy-efficient modular-type and scalable microwave applicator to support the depolymerisation reaction, with a minimum capacity of 12.5 kg/h PET and a continuous operation by means of an Archimedean screw. To enable an efficient microwave process, all materials involved in the reaction must be dielectrically characterized. The dielectric properties are needed in the design of the microwave applicator. A systematic investigation of the chemical reaction is also necessary to make a statement regarding the reaction enthalpy. Furthermore, in order to regulate the microwave applicator, the modelling of the reaction kinetics must be performed. 

       - 14 Industial and Reseach Institutions

Founded: European Union’s Horizon 2020-SPIRE-2015 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 680426, SYMBIOPTIMA

Duration: 2015 -2019


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