Institute for Pulsed Power and Microwave Technology

Mechanische Werkstatt des IHM


Performance Profile:
  • Production of complex components with different geometries for apparatus and test facilities in the research sector.
  • Construction and conversion of test facilities and equipment

Manufacturing Process:
  • Materials : Steels, light alloys, heavy alloys, superalloys, plastics
  • Machining : turning, milling, sawing, drilling, grinding
  • Welding : oxyacetylene, electric and inert gas, plastic welding

Technical Equipment:

Turning :

  • Center lathes and bar lathesturning Ø max. 900 mm, turning length max. 1400 mm, spindle passage max. 116 mm
  • NC lathe Weiler E40 (cycle controlled) 
    turning Ø max. 200 mm, turning length max. 1000 mm, spindle passage max. 54 mm

Milling :

  • Universal milling machines: adjustment travels: X-axis max. 500 mm, Y-axis max. 300mm, Z-axis max. 380 mm
  • NC milling machine Hermle UWF 802 M (line control)Adjustment ranges: X-axis max. 470 mm, Y-axis max. 420 mm, Z-axis max. 380 mm (adjustable angle table)
  • CNC milling machine Deckel FP3NC (continuous path control)
    Software support by the CAD/CAM system of Surfcam and AutoCADadjustment travels: X-axis max. 400 mm, Y-axis max. 400 mm, Z-axis max. 400 mm

Drilling :

  • Bench drills
  • Column drilling machine

Sawing :

  • Band saw passage max. 300 mm
  • hacksaw max. saw-Ø 200 mm
  • crosscut saw min. saw-Ø 12 mm to max. saw-Ø 80 mm

Welding :

  • TIG Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

Soldering :

  • Hard and soft soldering

Cutting  :

  • Crank plate shears Material thickness VA max. 2 mm
  • Steel max. 2.5 mm
  • non-ferrous metals max. 2.5 mm