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Gyrotron - Test & Measurements

The working area of the group includes the assembly and experimental verification of the Gyrotron tubes developed at IHM. This includes practical implementation of examinations and measurements on the gyrotron prototypes. The tests take place in a gyrotron laboratory. There are two independent test stands available, which are supplied with a high-voltage system (max 90kV, 80A). Each test stand is equipped with a superconducting (SL) magnet (5.6T and 6.87T).

In addition, the institute is building another test rig (FULGOR), whose performance will be far above that of the existing one. The initial commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2020.

The test of a gyrotron consists of four phases:

  • Assembly

  • Conditioning 

  • Experiments and measurements

  • Analysis and evaluation 


The other task of the group is the development and application of measuring technology in the millimeter wave range. Various systems are available to support the work:


  • Scalar low-power measuring station
  • Vector millimeter wave network analyzer (mmW-VNWA)
  • Frequency measuring system for detecting the millimeter waves generated during operation of the gyrotron 
  • Calorimetric measurement of the output power