Institute for Pulsed Power and Microwave Technology
Department of Pulsed Power Technology (Head: Prof. Dr. Georg Müller)
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Dr. Surface modification of materials using pulsed electron beams  
  Pulsed Power Technologies & Systems dennis herzogLbv7∂kit edu
Prof. Dr. Head of Pulsed Power Technology georg muellerFgi6∂kit edu
Dr. Pulsed Power Technologies & Systems martin sackWlt2∂kit edu
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Department of High Power Microwave Technology (Head: Dr. Gerd Gantenbein)
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  Gyrotron Simulations & Components  
M.Sc. Gyrotron Simulations & Components benjamin ellBvl5∂kit edu
  Materials processing with microwaves hofeleXbj2∂kit edu
M.Sc. Gyrotron Simulations & Components laurent krierUdg9∂kit edu
Dr. Materials processing with microwaves  
M.Sc. Gyrotron Simulation & Components  
M.Sc. Materials Processing with Microwaves dominik neumaierPmf0∂kit edu
  Gyrotron Tests & Measurements daniel papenfussBsy2∂kit edu
M.Sc.   tobias ruessYkj0∂kit edu
Dr. Gyrotron Tests & Measurements  
Dr. Gyrotron Simulations & Components wuNpp5∂kit edu
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Infrastructure and Administration
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