High Power Microwave Technology

Master's, Bachelor's, student research projects, diploma and doctoral theses for electrical engineers and physicists in the fields of microwave technology (simulations of gyrotrons and gyrotron components as well as experimental investigations) are always offered.

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. John Jelonnek

Student works
Titel type person in charge
Internship Dr. Sergey Soldatov; sergey.soldatov@kit.edu
Internship M.Sc. Tobias Ruess; tobias.ruess@kit.edu
Internship M.Sc. Julia Hofele; julia.hofele@kit.edu
Bachelor / Master M.Sc. Alexander Marek; alexander.marek@kit.edu
Student assistant M.Sc. Benjamin Ell; benjamin.ell@kit.edu
Bachelor / Master Dr. Sergey Soldatov; sergey.soldatov@kit.edu