Department of Microwave Technology

W7-X- / ITER-Gyrotron

Gyrotron development

Since the middle of the 80s of the last century, the department of high-power microwave technology was mainly working on the field of development of very high power microwave generators (gyrotrons). Gyrotrons are widely used in the field of controlled nuclear fusion and are used in the ignition, heating and stability control of fusion plasmas.



Material process technology with microwaves

This group also develops novel, and in part industrially relevant, microwave systems and processes for the improved processing of materials. Using gyrotrons, here is e.g. investigated the sintering of advanced functional and structural ceramics. In collaboration with various industrial partners, the production and curing of lightweight engineering structures such as large-area carbon fiber reinforced composite materials, which are used in many applications in the automotive and aerospace industries, is improved in specially developed applicators.